Staffing is our biggest service, but what does staffing entail? With temping, you get a contract from BT employment agency and start working for one of our clients.

We always provide you with long-term employment. This includes a long-term project or a permanent position in a company. Should a project end or there are other circumstances that cause the work to stop, we will provide a new suitable workplace as soon as possible. Our goal in staffing is that the employee is satisfied. We always reason from the employee's perspective and not from the client's. Not satisfied? Then we will solve it! If not with your current client, then with another. Our ultimate goal is to help our employees find a permanent job with a client. We therefore offer the possibility: that the client can offer the employee a contract free of charge after 2080 hours worked.

Recruitment & Selection

We also work on the basis of Recruitment & Selection for certain clients, but what does Recruitment & Selection entail?

In Recruitment & Selection, our client wants to offer the candidate a contract immediately, but they cannot find the right candidate themselves. We therefore search for candidates and select them for our client. If, after the job interviews, it turns out that both the candidate and the client would like to work with each other, the candidate is immediately offered a contract with the client.

ZZP mediation

For people who have a business or prefer not to be employed, we offer ZZP mediation, but does ZZP mediation entail?

With ZZP mediation, you continue to work as a self-employed person, but we ensure that there is security of a fixed number of hours of work per week coupled with a certain price. We provide a client with work that matches your knowledge and skills. You only have to send the invoice at the end of the week. The rate is agreed per hour worked, not per project or per meter. It is not possible to work directly with our client after a certain period of time. To work through BT agency, you must be registered at the Chamber of Commerce and have liability insurance. For freelancers we have a separate company called BT Diensten B.V.

Foreign personnel

It is also possible to work with BT employment agency if you are a resident of another EU country.

For people who do not have a home in the Netherlands, we can arrange accommodation. You can stay in this accommodation during the week as well as on weekends. We have several accommodations under our own management. We make sure there is a room and it never has to be shared with other workers. The accommodation will be no more than a 30-minute drive from the work address.

Apprenticeship without experience

For people who do not yet have work experience but want to learn a trade, we have apprenticeships.

This is possible if you are a school leaver, but also if you want to change jobs because, for example, you no longer like your current job. An apprenticeship without experience is for young and old, a good dose of commitment is all that is required.